Popular ABA TECHSHOW and MILOfest speaker Tom Lambotte of Global Mac IT identifies the 10 pillars of a Mac based law firm. The following infographic was designed by Rocket Matter via Legal Productivity. Click the image to enlarge.


Each pillar covers an essential part of any law practice:

  1. Hardware – Can’t have a Mac based law firm without a Mac! More than any other feature, I’m spoiled by a solid state drive. It’s frustrating to use a computer with a spinning disc. While I love the 15 inch display in my MacBook Pro, I love the convenience of a second monitor so I can run and view email, a browser and word processor at the same time. I can even take a second display on the road with the iPad Pro and the Duet app.
  2. Software – Productivity boosters Hazel and Keyboard Mastr integrate well with FileMaker Pro, Outlook, and OmniFocus. Don’t ever update your iPhone, iPad, or Mac the day an update is released. Every time one of these updates is released there is a (usually huge) problem with one of the devices. If I had an iPad Pro 9″ and updated it on the first day, it my still be a brick in my office! Wait at least a week for the bugs to get squashed.
  3. Backups – For me it’s (1) local backups to an encrypted drive with Carbon Copy Cloner, (2) off-site encrypted backup to BackBlaze, and (3) Time Machine
  4. Email – Outlook for Mac is part of my Office 365 subscription. My email address uses my own domain, not gmail.com or outlook.com. I back up individual client email folders to PST folders that are created by Outlook 2016 for PC. This is 1 of only 2 reason I every use a PC anymore.
  5. Security & Network – VPN and Password Managers are a must. My router is set up to only accept devices with specific MAC addresses, so you can’t get on my network even if you know the password.
  6. Mobile Device Management – Bushel takes care of my MDM issues. Apps and setting can be pushed to or pulled from devices. Also, lost or stolen devices can be remotely locked/wiped.
  7. File Management – I use a logical (to me) system to store client filed. Don’t forget to encrypt client files/date at either the system level or folder level – or both. I use FileVault for system encryption and Boxcryptor for folder/cloud encryption.
  8. Case Management – Surely you’ve heard of Clio, Rocket Matter, MyCase,…..
  9. Server – Not a problem for me, since I don’t have a server.
  10. Legacy Items – Factory reset devices before you hand them down to the kids or sell. For SSDs or HDs securely wipe the drive with a program like DBAN.